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Florian Hansen for VP Postgraduate

Hellooo! Florian (they/any) running to become your VP Postgraduate!

I have been a representative in various forms since I was 10, and bring a total of 18 years of experience in organising in an education context. This includes having been part of the campaign that led to the University of Glasgow becoming the first University in Europe to commit to divesting from fossil fuels.

I’m currently the President of the Adjust KCL! campaign, and my work included pushing for the introduction of sick pay for PGRs, discretionary funds for ongoing health issues, better structure for the supervision of postgraduates, and more emergency support all of which have become a reality at this point. But it’s by far not enough!

At the moment, I myself am in the final stages of returning to my PhD, after KCL removed me from my course in 2021, all while they threaten me with legal action to make me homeless. As I fought for these issues, I will continue fighting to tackle the issues that affect us as (postgraduate) students by continuing to bring to light the problems created by King’s strategic inefficiency.

In practice, this will mean supporting the aims of KDSA and the Fair Pay for GTAs campaign, and to continue Democratising, Demarketising, Decolonising and Diversifying our university and Students’ Union! Vote for me to help make that happen!

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“A cardinal tenet of democracy is that people must be free to choose freely whom they want to support.” 

– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

  • Meaningfully represent postgraduate student needs

Expand the Postgraduate voice by ensuring their representation in King’s decision-making bodies.

Also build up Postgraduate participation in KCLSU so we may harness the true strength of our collective voices; one part of which may be running socials to help postgraduates connect and enjoy university together.



  • Recognise diversity of Postgraduate experiences at King's

Pushing for a split of the VP Postgraduate position into two positions, one for masters and one for PhD students. This will allow for two groups with relatively different needs and experiences to be adequately represented.



  • Fight for Postgraduate Researchers rights'

I will do this by addressing student concerns such as funding issues, work-life imbalance or lack of support which undermine the student experience and research output;

And enabling collaboration and exchange of good practices among faculty and department representatives



  • Restructure Sabbatical Officer Requirements

I will push for the possibility of duos to run, effectively splitting each position into two part time roles, to allow candidates to continue their studies part-time and be part of the system they are improving.


“Never give nor take an excuse [especially from kcl management]”

- Florence Nightingale

  • Ensure support is there for postgraduates

Increase awareness, accessibility and amount of support available from King’s and KCLSU to Postgraduates to improve the collective mental and physical health. Additionally representing the needs of an often underrepresented group in university management conversations.


  • Foster Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in research

Via creating and sustain peer support networks for academic and non-academic topics, as well as improving and raising awareness of specialist support and resources available to different groups of PhD students



  • Time to Adjust KCL

As currently the President of KCLSU-ratified campaign, Adjust KCL, I would continue my work to its aims for improving the university experience and support structures in place for Disabled and Neurodiverse students. The objectives of this campaign are:

  • An Accessibility Audit of KCL and KCLSU, incorporating the perspectives of vulnerable students

  • Fostering a culture of belief and accountability in complaints

  • Supervisor and Personal Tutor training to incorporate flexible study and support options, and to be held accountable for ensuring students can access the support they need

  • More funding and staff for Disability services, and empowering them to enforce King's Inclusion Plans

  • Taking a person-centred approach, assigning a named individual in each student's case who has wide-reaching knowledge of all support services.


“Never give nor take an excuse [especially from kcl management]”

- Florence Nightingale

  • International fee hikes stopped

I want to ensure (international) postgrads are protected against sudden tuition fee increases.



  • Protect our environment for the future

Make both King’s Campuses and Student Union more sustainable to reduce our negative impact on the environment.


"When there is oppression, the only self-respecting thing is to rise and say this shall cease today, because my right is justice." 

- Sarojini Naidu, Poet & Political Activist, Kings Alumni

  • Instate a tuition fee cap for Postgraduate students, to stop fees from increasing


  • Third Tuition Fee Instalment

Ensure EVERYBODY’s tuition fees would be paid in three instalments, to make the financial burden of tuition fees easier to bare. And make King’s a fairer, more equitable place.


  • Pay Complaint Delay Compensation

Students whose appeal and complaint outcomes are delayed receive £60 compensation per month of delay and we request parity for disabled students whose reasonable adjustments are delayed by the College, paid directly to students without further barriers.

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